Head Massage

Time on the couch

Bespoke Aroma Inhaler

Bespoke Remedy

1 - 1 Holistic Help

This is a unique personalised service offered by Louise incorporating all her skills to work with you on a health/ wellness problem that you are looking for help and support with.


A session in clinic will include:


  • discussion of an issue that you are looking for help with


  • some time on the couch for bodywork - Massage. MFR (Myofascial Release) or CST (Craniosacral Therapy) or perhaps a guided relaxation/ body awareness practice if bodywork is not appropriate for you

  • Louise will make you a personalised remedy using Aromatherapy or Flower Essences

  • Louise will make a personalised self-care suggestion that you can carry out at home

  • Future sessions working on the same issue could involve more products or more time on the couch according to what seems most beneficial alongside opportunity to talk through how you are getting on.

  • An intital phone/email conversation would take place prior to your first appointment and a follow up check-in a few days afterwards.

This is a complete holistic approach to help you in mind, body and spirit.


Talking through a problem that you have been experiencing is a very valuable way of clarifying exactly what is troubling you and what you want to be different. Receiving support to address this problem and practical help in the form of treatments and products will usually be of benefit and working on a self-care practice and using your personalised remedy at home helps you take some control over helping yourself to better health and wellness which can be hugely valuable, particularly when addressing a complicated or chronic condition.

According to what you find most helpful within the service you might then like to book in a session of Massage or CST or order more Bespoke Products or continue with the same format as we can continue to work on an issue over time or if a new issue presents itself then we can work on that.

As always if you would like further details or to find out more about how this service can help you please just make an enquiry via the form at the bottom of the page or contact Louise

You can book a 1 - 1 Holistic Help session here