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Pregnancy Massage

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Aromatherapy Massage


Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body - the muscles and connective tissue (fascia, tendons and ligaments) - to relax, loosen and free up areas of tightness, tension and restriction. This can help ease pain and stiffness, improve range of movement, aid recovery from injury and encourage relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind. 

Treatments are often primarily remedial or relaxing in nature, sometimes a mixture of both, depending on the type of techniques used by the therapist and what you are looking for help with, but most people will feel relaxed at the end of a massage even if that wasnt the focus.

Releasing tension from the body usually helps release tension from the mind and this is why many people find that massage helps them manage the effects of stress. Massage can be so much more than just a pampering treat (although it is good to enjoy it this way too!)

Musculoskeletal issues stemming from poor posture, sport or work related repetitive strain,   injuries, chronic tension and long term health conditions, and emotional issues such as anxiety can be helped with massage over time with a course of treatment or a regular appointment.

Louise Green is trained in Clinical , Pregnancy, Hot Stone and Aromatherapy and Seated Acupressure Massage so can help provide appropriate treatment for you depending on your needs. See below to find out more about the benefits of the different types of massage we provide. Book a Massage here

Therapeutic Massage

If your primary need is to alleviate muscle or joint stiffness, pain or poor range of movement in a particular area of the body this is probably the best option for you.  The session will focus on a problem area - working the muscles around an affected joint such as a shoulder or hip or knee for example or a wider area that needs attention like the upper or lower body. Could also address an issue such as headaches or digestive discomfort. A mixture of techniques is used and can include myofascial release, trigger point work, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, stretching and mobilisation, CST.


Aromatherapy Masasge

If your primary need is to relax then Aromatherapy massage is a  great option. A flowing, nurturing swedish style massage that can be deep or gentle as preferred that will usually be a full body treatment and often incorporates massage to the head and face, hands and feet, maybe tummy. Essential oils are chosen to help calm or perhaps refresh you depending on how you would like to feel. The soothing nature of the treatment will help still the mind, release tension and allow you to recharge your batteries

Hot Stone Massage

Heat can be very therapeutic for tight muscles and can be soothing and comforting. Louise is trained in Hot Stone Therapy. Many people enjoy having hot stones used in their massage treatment. Louise sometimes uses them, particularly during the cooler months, as a massage tool and/or placed over the towel on the body to provide heat where it is considered beneficial.


Pregnancy Massage

Receiving Massage in pregnancy  is a wonderful way to nurture yourself and your baby. Louise offers a full body side-lying massage which includes Aromatherapy unless you prefer without. The massage is mainly designed to be relaxing in nature but can help alleviate common pregnancy issues such as low back and hip pain, swelling of the hands and feet, heavy legs etc. Great care is taken over your safety and comfort and treatments are always adapted to your changing needs


Seated Massage

Seated massage is an Eastern Style massage in a special erganomic chair. You remain clothed. The therapist applies general pressure with the palms and forearms to the back and shoulders and uses more specific acupressure with the thumbs, fingers and elbows as needed. Head massage can be incorporated and whilst no oil is generally used a little oil could be used to massage into the neck, arms and hands depending on the clients clothing. This type of massage became popular in offices and can be a useful option for those who prefer to remain clothed, like a quick treatment or who cant/dont want to lie on a couch.