Bespoke Botanic Products

​Are you looking for help with a particular issue?

Aromatherapy can be very beneficial for most people, for a wide range of problems, to enhance health and aid healing.


Louise can make botanic products for you, tailored to your needs, or simply using oils that you love, including during Pregnancy.

Products are always made with 100% natural ingredients and packaged and posted in an eco-friendly way as possible.

Products usually contain essential oils and so would be decribed as Aromatherapy products but sometimes products for the skin for example - for the face and for certain skin conditions might actually be more beneficial without essential oils.

Louise works with over 60 different essential oils which can be

  • used alone - a single essential oil might be just what you need - or blended together into:

  • neat blends for inhalation - for changing your mood, emotional support , respiratory and sinus issues, natural home fragrance 

  • base oil - for pulse point application or to condition the skin via massage to the face or body

  • base hydrolat - for spritzing onto your pillow or linens or around yourself to aid sleep or change your mood

  • cream, gel, balm - for local application for skin help, headaches, muscle and joint aches and stiffness, chest and digestive ease

  • salts - for therapeutic foot and bath soaks

A consultation will be taken to determine the most helpful essential oils and applications for you.

Four options are available. Full Aromatic Apothecary Service, Bespoke Pulse Point blend, Bespoke Aroma Inhaler & You Choose

See below for full details and to make your enquiry. Tell Louise what you are looking for help with and we'll go from there.

Bespoke Aromatherapy Products

Aromatic Apothecary Service £50

Louise will make you a set of products according to your needs or wishes.

This would generally include a personalised blend of essential oils in up to 3 different products but could be 2 different blends in 2 or 3 products for different uses.

Its best to address one issue at a time or use a constitutional blend that can help support you at a time of need.

  • Initial free confidential no obligation enquiry

  • Consultation in clinc/ videocall/ phone/ via email

  • Your products agreed, formulated and posted

  • Personalised self care suggestions to use alongside your products

  • Follow-up check-back with Louise

  • Re-order your products anytime.

Bespoke Pulse Point Blend £20

Pulse Point blends come in a glass bottle with a rollerball as pictured.

Essential oils are blended into a base oil of organic Sunflower and Jojoba oils.

You apply the blend onto your pulse points and wear the blend. These are really helpful for constitutional blends and blends to change your mood or give you emotional support. People often use them as a personal perfume.

  • Initial free confidential no obligation enquiry

  • Mini remote consultation

  • Your product agreed, formulated and posted

  • Product check-back email with Louise

  • Re-order your product any time

If you love your blend you can order it in a different format - price on arrangement


Bespoke Pulse-point roll ons
Bespoke Aromatherapy Inhalers

Bespoke Aroma Inhaler £10

Aroma-inhalers - sometimes known as sniffy sticks - are a brilliant way to keep a therapeutic blend of essential oils in your pocket or bag. You can use them anywhere without affecting anyone else around you. They are great to quickly administer help when you need it - so useful for anxiety or to booost energy or focus. Many people find these really helpful to aid breathing techniques and to eaase symptoms of blocked sinuses and ears, fuzzy head, colds and hayfever.

  • Initial free confidential no obligation enquiry

  • Mini remote consultation

  • Your product agreed, formulated and posted

  • Product check-back email with Louise

  • Re-order your product any time

If you love your blend you can order it in a different format - price on arrangement

You choose the oils!

People often tell me that they love particular oils or blends and wish they could have them in a particular type of product such as a neat blend, spritzer, massage oil, candle, hand cream etc - well I can do that for you!

It can be expensive to buy lots of individual essential oils, base ingredients and packaging. You may not feel confident blending or feel that you just don't have time.

I can blend products safely for you with oils that you love, according to your needs..

Cost will depend on the ingredients and packaging used but we will agree a price before anything is made.

So if you have always wanted a Lemon & Geranium Candle, an Orange & Ginger Room Spray, a Neroli & Frankincense Face Oil or a Marjoram & Lavender Epsom Salt Bath Soak for example get in touch and we will make arrangements.

Online Aromatherapy Consultations

Wherever you live in the UK you can order bespoke products.

Products are sent via Royal Mail.

Orders are usually made and dispatched within 48 hours of payment,

although sometimes this is not possible. Occasionally you may be asked to pay a surcharge for particular oils to be used or if you require special delivery.

If you have questions, enquiries are always welcome by email.

To order you will need to contact Louise via the online form and Louise will follow up with you to make arrangements depending on the service you chose.

All bespoke products are for use by the person who orders them unless you are ordering for your child or someone who is unable to order for themself.


Bespoke Products are not a replacement for medical advice.

Any products sent will come with full safety advice; please use according to the instructions provided.

The "recipe" of your product is the property of Green Holistic Health.