At Green Holistic Health your Health and Wellbeing is our priority.

Whats in a name?

​Green: Eco-friendly, the radiant and calming colour of so much natural plant life, surname of owner


Holistic: Considering the whole person, supporting physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing


Health: Positive state of freedom from illness, peace of mind, sense of vitality

​We aim to support you with treatments, poducts and self-care advice designed to help you feel better in body and mind.

.​Feeling well can be an elusive thing in modern life.

Many people are struggling with their physical and mental health.

Feeling tired, wired, overwhelmed, anxious, suffering with tension, chronic pain and stiffness, digestive discomfort, headaches, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions, insomnia, skin problems and more is almost "normal"

These type of problems are all messages - our bodies are telling us that something is wrong

Chronic stress, fast pace, the cult of busyness, poor work-life balance, sedentary habits, long hours of screen use, inadequate nutrition, sleep deficiency, lack of meaningful connection, unresolved trauma, fear and worry etc are common and leave us vulnerable to illness and emotional distress.

Our nervous systems are afflicted. The nervous system is easily influenced by the way we feel and is constantly reacting to what is happening inside and outside of our bodies. It can influence all the other systems in the body like a chain reaction; this can be positve as well as sometimes problematic - it means that the way we live has a huge effect on how well we are!

We have a powerful intrinsic self healing mechanism that is trying to help us maintain balance and to stay healthy. Sometimes we have long term health issues, disabilities or genetic conditions that mean we sadly live with illness or pain, but we can usually have some control over how we manage our symptoms and keep as well as possible.

​It is not always easy to know why we feel unwell or not quite right or what to do about it, but with support you can commit to investigating, taking action and making changes.

This might involve a visit to your GP initially, which I would always suggest as a first port of call. You might like to try holistic therapies, natural remedies and some self-care either along side conventional treatment, or these can often be used alone.

In my work I tend to use an integrated and highly personalised approach to client care as in my experience this is what gets the best results!

The services that I offer are all designed to support your journey to better wellbeing whether in a 1-1 session or a group class.


In terms of treatments and products, during the initial consultation and at any subsequent session I listen carefully to the client, observe deeply and work to understand what that person is looking to achieve,  and assess how I can help them best..

I look at the picture of the current issue and consider the client's history and current lifestyle and mind-set.

Depending on the issue we will discuss how they feel in themselves and how that shows up in their body-mind.

It is always my intention to help the client towards better understanding of their own mind, body and health needs

Any products used in treatments and ingredients used in hand-made products are always plant based (except beeswax), top quality, ethically and sustainablly produced to the best of our knowledge. Any packaging used  is minimal, recyclable and environmentally friendly. We aim to keep products affordable rather than exclusive, and donate a percentage of our profits to charity - you can read more on the packaging and ingredients policy here

A free and confidential inital chat is always available - please use the contact form at the botom of the page to make an enquiry.


"Louise is a great therapist, she has really good hands with a sensitive touch. Being a therapist myself I'm really picky about who I go to for treatments. Louise invests a lot of time and money in training to develop as a therapist so she can really help people with her treatments and products. She's fab!!"