Self Care is Health Care

Self-care is any activity that we do delberately in order to take care of our own mental, emotional and physical health. It is taking good care of ourselves in an active way. It is a really important way of staying well and a path to healing if we are looking to improve our health.

The cornerstones of self-care involve:

  • Eating well and staying hydrated

  • Sleeping well

  • Breathing properly 

  • Getting outside into nature

  • Moving our bodies enough

  • Making time to rest

  • Making time for fun or relaxing activities regularly

  • Finding ways to connect with friends, family or your community

  • Monitoring how you feel and asking for support or making changes as needed

  • Using natural remedies, treatments and self-help strategies

Sounds simple but so many people wonder why they dont feel great, but havent thought about or have chosen to ignore how their lifestyle affects their wellbeing.

When working with clients Louise offers personalised self-care suggestions including:


  • Stretches and mobilisations

  • Self Massage with hands or tools like spiky balls

  • Do -it- yourself Acupressure

  • Simple Breathing exercises

  • Mindfulness/ Relaxation suggestions

  • Use of Aromatherapy for emotional support

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle advice

At Green Holistic Health you will find lots of articles on self-care on our blog.

Classes and workshops are available locally.

Its a key part of our philosophy to help educate you about how you can help yourself to better health.